Jamie Gallacher

Jamie Gallacher


Jamie Gallacher is one of the most respected political strategists in the Northern Territory.

He has a decades’ long career as a journalist, senior advisor, policy developer and advocate. Jamie has served as Chief of Staff and Deputy Chief of Staff to Labor leaders Chief Minister Clare Martin, Chief Minister Paul Henderson, and as a senior policy and strategic adviser to Chief Minister and Treasurer Michael Gunner. He has also been Chief of Staff to a number of Cabinet Ministers.

Jamie has been instrumental in Labor’s election successes over the past 30 years and has been pivotal in getting many of the current sitting Labor members elected.

He maintains deep relationships with the Fyles Government and works with Ministers, staff, and the public service on a regular basis.

During his career, Jamie has held roles as a high-level consultant on government relations and has also advised Federal Labor Ministers and MPs.

He was previously a senior reporter at the NT News, Senior Policy Adviser at the Northern Land Council and Executive Officer of the Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance of the Northern Territory.

Jamie leads Counsel Houses Northern Territory practice.

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